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                                                       Sargent Electronic Keypad Lock                                  

DimensionSG 1004

                     Keypad: D40*T25 mm 

                     Install: D41 mm

                     Lock body: 84*60*23 mm

                     Install: 66*42 mm

Origin: USA

Bolt: Swing bolt

Package: 24/CTN

Material: Zinc alloy

Certification: U.L. 

ApplicationSafe, vault, ATM


>>Simple installation: Standard Sargent&greenleaf footprint.Universally handed for easy right hand, left hand, vertical up or vertical down mounting.

>>Manager mode: 1 manager code and 1 user and management reset code (MRC)

>>Wrong try penalty: 3 minutes penalty time after 5 consecutive invalid codes.

>>Low voltage signal: LED flashes and beeps when in low voltage.

>>Auto-relock: Auto-relock after no operation for 10 seconds when opened.

>>LED and beeping signal helps when operating

>>Combinations still memorized when replacing battery and could be checked on computer.

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