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                                               La Gard Mechanical Combination Lock                                  

DimensionLG 1730

                    Dial D72*T30 mm; Ring D73*T18 mm; Spindle 110, 190, 300 mm

                    Install dimension: D41 mm(screw location), M4 screws

                    LG 1985

                    85*61*30 mm(without bolt), 460 g

                    Install dimension: 66*42 mm, 4*M6 screws

Origin: USA

Package: 24/CTN

Material: Zinc alloy

Accessory: Introduction, change key, screws, other necessaries

Certification: U.L listed 1R, Vds 2, EN B, RoHS

Features: Top reading dial

                  3-Wheel of one million combinations

                  Tested against expert manipulation for 20 man-hours 

                  Integral relock trigger thwarts punch attacks


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